Snow Falling

Let it snow on your Joomla website this festive season with Snow Falling - a simple yet fully dynamic extension. The module amazes your website visitors with colorful snowflakes of which various configuration options are customizable. All you need to do is to download, activate the module and enjoy beautiful falling snow on your site.

  • Max Flakes: This option limits the total amount of snow made (falling + sticking).
  • Max Active Flakes: This option limits the amount of snow falling at once (less = lower CPU use).
  • Animation Interval: Theoretical "miliseconds per frame" measurement. 20 = fast + smooth, but high CPU use. 50 = more conservative, but slower.
  • Follow Mouse: Snow movement can respond to the user's mouse.
  • Snow Color: Color of flake and snow.
  • Snow Character: Character of snowflakes. For example: • = •
  • Snow Stick: This option let snow "stick" at the bottom.


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