Skyline Downloads Pro

Skyline Downloads Pro is a complete solution of management and sharing documents or files for your Joomla website.

    • Categories management:
      • Skyline Downloads Pro allows you to create unlimited categories. One of the greatest features is when you change the setting, it will apply to main and all sub-categories. In general, the sub-categories permission inherited from parent categories. In the case of conflicting with parent categories or component settings, it will be indicated by not allowed.
      • All properties assigned to a category (permissions, metadata, templates, etc.) remain after copying or moving. However, you can edit the category in its new location and adjust as you needed.
    • Documents management:
      • Skyline Downloads Pro is not only helpful and powerful in managing documents but also in sharing a huge amount of document files. You can add metadata: title, alias, selected category, status, featured or not, ordering, language, short and full description to every document. It’s very easy to add, edit or remove document files and document images.
      • You can add an image and note for each category and document. Furthermore, it’s simple to set meta description and meta keywords by making an optional paragraph in or a comma-separated list of key words, phrases. These will be used as the description of the page in the HTML output and generally display in the results of search engine.
      • Skyline Downloads Pro gives you a flexible and effective permission to control users who can view, download, rate and comment from front-end and back-end.


    • Compatible with Joomla 1.7 and other later versions of Joomla.
    • Documents can be organized across infinite categories and subcategories.
    • Categories show clearly by adding title, alias, status, description, setting access level to allow which user can view it.
    • Nice theme. With the template engine, it's easy to make a new template that inherited from default theme.
    • Displaying download items sorted by name, date modified, most recent, most downloads
    • Setting permissions to access, download, rate or comment on each document.
    • Useful tooltips in every single step to guide you easily.
    • Editing metadata to improve Search Engine Optimization.
    • Can add multiple files to a document.
    • Can add multiple images to gallery of document.
    • Integrate with multibox to display the gallery.
    • Integrate with JComments.
    • Ajax rating system.

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