Content Advertisement

Show ads directly after the item's title. Show ads at the start of main content. Skyline Content Advertisement


Content Advertisement is a plugin that displays image or text ads/sponsors in Joomla and K2 content. You can add advertisement to a single content, a group of content assigned to a category or all content. You can put ads in up-to-5 content positions as well.


  • Compatibility: The plugin works well on Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3 and later versions.
  • K2 Support: The plugin allows to you show ads in Joomla articles as well as K2 items.
  • Flexible Positions: Content Advertisement supports 3 positions for each Joomla article/category and 5 positions in K2 item/category. The plugin itself supports 5 positions.
  • Display Priority: Priority displaying order starts from article, category, parent category to plugin.
  • Ads Control: You can choose to turn on/off advertisement in each article/item.
  • Key Reference: This option (in Joomla article only) is used to store information to an external resource.
  • Diverse Input: It’s easy to add HTML, CSS and JS tags (Banner, Google Adsense,...) ads to Joomla articles or K2 items.


Show ads at the end of the main content Skyline Content Advertisement
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