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Keyword Linking

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 03:16

Keyword Linking

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Keyword Linking is a flexible component that helps you easily add links to keywords and phrases in Joomla, K2, Zoo content, and link them to corresponding urls. Joomla originally supports links in its content but setting links for same keywords in many contents is very time-consuming. That’s why you need a stronger and more dynamic autolink extension.

This is a demo of Keyword Linking component. The word Skyline isn't linked because Case Sensitivity option was enabled. It should be skyline to be linked.

Joomla provides a function for including links in articles but Joomla users always have to deal with setting and typing in the links. The second word function isn't linked because the first word was linked (Links Limit).

Keyword Linking supports joomla and k2 contents. However, only these joomla and k2 words are linked because 'strong' tag were excluded in plugin configuration.

Instead of displaying so many words on SEO, now the search results are displayed by keywords in categories. There is a linked plural word here because we added plural forms to word result.



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