CSS3 Mega Menu is a plugin of Skyline Menu Pro that makes Skyline Menu work same as mega menu from JAT3 Framework. It is fully compatible with JAT3 Mega Menu and you can read instruction here: http://wiki.joomlart.com/wiki/JA_T3_Framework_2/Navigation.

CSS3 Mega Menu can work amazingly with a considerable number of menu items and sub/or subcategories. Rather than just using a dropdown, this plugin improves the navigation and usability of your website. It can help you to get deeper into Joomla sites with fewer clicks and naturally make the menu as much user-friendly as possible.


  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5+
  • Show title and description of menu items.
  • Customize columns of the menu.
  • Adjust the width of sub-menu and sub-menu columns.
  • 21 lively and clean preset styles.
  • Choose the favorite Gradient style: Linear or Glass.
  • Customize from the basic colors by changing the Gradient Start, Gradient End, Hover and Text color.
  • Support menu wrapper.
  • Control hide time delay.
  • Flexibility in animation settings.


Menu Item - Mega Menu Parameters

CSS3 MegaMenu Options